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Debriar is a registered carrier of controlled waste and offers the service of safe removal of
used cooking oils and fats (as required by law), to be ultimately transformed into Biodiesel.

We collect your used cooking oil at the point of delivery and it is stored on a separate compartment on our vehicles.

This reduces the environmental impact of having a separate oil collection service.

Environment Agency Registration: Click here to view our certificate.

Biodiesel is an environmentally safe, low polluting fuel for most diesel internal combustion and turbine engines,
containing methyl or ethyl esters made from fresh or waste vegetable oils (triglycerides).

It is non-carcinogenic and biodegradable, reducing tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide, smoke and many other
noxious substances. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide whilst growing, CO2 emissions are also substantially reduced.

All of the above enables Debriar to reduce and manage its carbon footprint, and play a part in being environmentally responsible.

Please contact us for more details.

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